We can assist you develop innovative solutions. We can help you set project time lines and project budgets. We can help you resource projects correctly.  We can help you get the most from your project stakeholders.

As experienced project managers we can assist you solve problems and develop innovative solutions for your business or indeed your own clients.

We have successfully managed projects for retailers, software service providers, Telecom providers and publishing houses.

During the planning stage of any project a project manager (PM) will develop and scope the teams goals at each step of the process. Planning must include the development of measurable milestone criteria to determine project success.

To help eliminate project bottlenecks and delays the PM must work with business management to ensure that projects are correctly resourced from the outset. A project manager must also have the skills to resolve conflicts that may arise from time to time between project stakeholders.

During all phases of a project the PM must analyze results against a predefined set of criteria to help identify and correct any project weaknesses.

Throughout the project phases a PM must compile detailed reports of project progression that include budgets, milestones and phase analyses.

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